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The whole thing

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It’s hard to sure it’s worked 100%, but I think I managed to get all of NWW on this WordPress blog. Boy, logging to the old Blogger site was an eye opener. It has barely changed since I moved, what, two years ago?

I Love WordPress! It’s only become better in that time and is constantly improving.

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June 15, 2009 at 7:29 pm

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Site Update

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I’ve begun the process of updating the site, especially the sidebar. I’ve added a Twitter feed and updated the Author page. NWW is beginning to look less like an artifact.

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June 14, 2009 at 8:45 pm

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I wrote that last post in a blog editor called Blogo. It’s a pretty darn nice looking bit of software I first became aware of right about the time I took my lengthy hiatus. I didn’t pick it up then, but I did wish it had been available when I switched to Mac computers about two years plus ago. Recently, seeing that it was on sale and seeing that I was  thinking about writing for the first time in a long time, I grabbed a copy. This would streamline and help things along for sure!

Well… I barely got that first post up.  There was a nasty bug between Blogo and WordPress that caused Blogo to crash hard. No amount of restarting the program or re-booting the Mac helped. Thankfully, the folks at Brain Juice (great name, that!) were quick to reply to my e-mail. I sent along some crash logs and waited. It took some time but today they advised me of a new beta that is supposed to resolve the issue with WordPress.

So far it looks like it works. I have not been able to replicate the previous crash. Hat Tip to Brain Juice for being responsive and for making a blog editor with a great feature set and interface.

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June 1, 2009 at 3:39 pm

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This still on?

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I never imagined when I wrote the previous post about Obama’s candidacy that it would be over a year before I hit the publish button again. It’s been more like a year and a half since I was posting regularly. What can I say about that? I was seriously burnt out from blogging, and blogging about the topics that had come to drive North Western Winds: Darwin, Abortion, religion and Catholicism, as well as Harper’s Conservative Party of Canada.

Removing those bows from my quiver left me with little ready at hand to write about, and the whole blogging thing had become, in my mind, burdensome. I found myself turning to a different longstanding interest of mine – technology. I got some new toys and started reading some very different sorts of sites.

In April of last year (2008) my family was involved in a serious car crash. It occurred, of all places, early on a Sunday morning on the way to Mass. Our SUV was written off by the insurance company, I had three cracked ribs and missed weeks of work, Rebecca has shoulder pain to this day, and my mother in law was in hospital for weeks with minor fractures and a concussion.

That event had a deep impact on life in our house this past year. We’ve had a lot to deal with and it isn’t over yet. I’m doing well and have been back at work for some time now. Rebecca has changed occupations and is working on getting that shoulder right. My mother in law has had the longest journey back but she is turning a corner.

On Christmas eve this year (2008) I fell ill – literally! – after supper and was down and out for a week, and weak for a time after that. It was some sort of stomach flu that made me feel like my insides were melting away. It was hard to eat and I spent days tossing and turning on the bed, wishing it would stop.

Those events put a dent my church going, which was becoming dangerously monotonous even before then. I’m still Catholic and I still attend, but my tolerance for religious ‘enthusiasm’ is even lower than it was previously. My religiosity remains literary  and philosophical but I have a gained heightened awareness of my own differences from the Church Cheerleaders. My attitudes towards Darwin and abortion have not changed though. They preceded my churchgoing, so perhaps that’s no surprise.

I find myself having a falling out with the Conservative Party of Canada. Whether it is the relentless pursuit of free market liberalization or harsher penalties for everything, Harper’s Conservatives are too ideologically driven. A proper Tory party has the good of the Canadian people as its goal, and uses every tool it has to that effect. Harper’s team, on the other hand, wants everything it does to cohere with certain ideas that strike me as cheap, simple, and reductionist. I voted Green in the last election and I would do so again.

In an interesting way, it is my interest in technology that has brought me to writing this post. Rebecca and I have been trying out Twitter for a couple of months now. She – no surprise really – has been quite taken with it and has a lot of followers. Introverted egghead that I am, I have been less interested in posting than I am in seeing what people do with the service. Rebecca is threatening to start a new blog (yes, again) for those times when “140 characters just isn’t enough.” Seeing her work on that project reminded me that I have a project here, one that I might be able to remake in a way that makes writing and interacting fun once again.

I make no promises about what might or might not be posted here. My most recent interest, one that has gobbled up oodles of my time, has been working with a virtual Linux machine on my iMac. I don’t have much to say about Obama other than I still don’t like him.

Let’s see where this goes, yes?

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May 5, 2009 at 3:02 pm


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This is a maintenance post that can be safely ignored. Moving some accounts has meant that some images that I was hosting elsewhere are no longer appearing in the site, as the links have broken. I’m attempting to restore the links and have the images hosted here.




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December 8, 2007 at 7:10 pm

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September 13, 2007 Untitled

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A test post using journaler, a donation ware journal program for Mac. 

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September 13, 2007 at 9:46 pm

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Thinking and Linking

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I’ve been wondering about the links I’ve been posting at the top of the right column. While they are easy to do, I have no idea if anyone ever looks at them. I don’t want to give them up entirely but I’m considering pushing more links to the blog itself. Even if the entries are short, I think it’s a lot more conducive to interaction, and interaction is one of the best things about blogging.

Written by Curt

May 7, 2007 at 4:56 pm

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