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What a bitch

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Unbelievable. What a bitch this Maier woman is. “A stalwart member of the left…” says The Globe; I never would have guessed. ‘I really regret it. I really regret having children

And this story of hers is funny and sad, but not in the way she thinks:


“We went to a family dinner in the suburbs of Paris. It took us a lot of time to go there with the children, and we went because the children wanted to go. We didn’t want to go, my partner and I, and it was a bit boring, but we took them anyway,” she says with a Gallic nonchalance, strolling across an empty floor in the enormous, art-filled house in one of the better corners of Brussels where she lives in a kind of exile from France with her partner, Yves, 45, their daughter Laure, 13, and son, Cecil, 10.

“And on the way back, the two of us thought that it would be nice to see an exhibition on Belgian surrealists. Once inside the museum, the children began to be awful.” Laure said that the exhibition was “bullshit.” Cecil began to scream, so Yves took him outside. “And I started yelling at him for this: ‘Why aren’t you more strong with him?’ And we began to argue. We didn’t see anything. And at that point, I thought, ‘I really regret it, I regret having children.’ “

Who gets surprised that kids react badly to an exhibition on Belgian surrealists, after what has already been a busy day for them? Who expects kids to be just like adults, and not just any adult, but ones that think just like me me me?


Judging by her book on work, she probably isn’t any fun to work with either.


Written by Curt

September 29, 2007 at 5:25 pm

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