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Faith and Fact

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Worth repeating:

One Cosmos: Freedom’s Just Another Word For Nothing Left to Tax:

Clement pointed out something that would not be logically proven until Godel’s theorems in the 20th century, that it requires an act of faith in order to employ first principles of any kind, whether “scientific” or religious. For example, if your first principle is that only empirical knowledge is possible, your first principle cannot be proven empirically. Rather, you take it on faith. Nor can natural selection prove that natural selection is responsible for the human mind, any more than DNA can prove that it holds the secret of life.

Clement concludes that “knowledge is a state of mind that results from demonstration; but faith is a grace which from what is indemonstrable conducts to what is universal and simple, something that is neither with matter, nor matter, nor under matter.”

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Written by Curt

May 5, 2007 at 3:52 pm

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