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To even ask the question is to have missed the point

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More from Bob on the correspondence between John’s miracles and Genesis.

One Cosmos: Titanic Ignorance and Vertical Paralysis:

how does one “disprove” that God created life on the fifth day? To even ask the question is to have missed the point, the point being to meditate on the meaning of such a statement. In order to do that, we must examine its entire context, as well as the general metaphysical view that is developed and promulagted in Genesis. And if you are a Christian, you must definitely analyze it teleologically in light of the Gospels, since the Old Testament points to (or in philosophical terms, “entails”) the New, while the New Testament illuminates the Old. The correspondence of miracles is just one of a multitude of ways to expand upon this dialectical resonance.

This series of posts is well worth checking out.

Also: Condolences to Bob on the loss of a good friend. The last picture in this post is great.

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Written by Curt

March 18, 2007 at 11:38 am

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