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Creating a folder of ‘daily’ feeds folder has been a big step in making my RSS reader more useful as a reading / blogging tool. I know it seems like an obvious move, but I had been trying to get my desired results through the creation of ‘smart’ folders based on a subject. I wanted to see headlines from a wider range of sources and pull stories out of the pile via keywords. I think, however, that searching out good aggregators is a more effective means until the smart folders options get more advanced (or I do). Andrew Coyne’s page is a good start.

Speaking of, I’m resurrecting something I tried for a short time with Google’s RSS reader, namely posting links to stories I want to share. These are stories that I either enjoyed and want to pass on, and / or stories that are candidates for my own reflection. Most of them won’t get written about here, but some of them will. That is the plan, in any case. You’ll find the link to my collection prominently placed at the top right.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

I crossed a tech milestone last week and bought my first cell phone. Oh, I’ve bought cell phones in the past, and even used them on occasion, but the fact is that I dislike phones – and cellphones in particular. I’ve never owned one. It’s not that cell phones are especially more disagreeable than land lines, but people are often such clods about using them. Prominently displaying your disregard for everyone actually present is nothing anyone should seek to emulate. Neither is telling everyone present your private business. The difference this time is that the phone is really for me, and not just used by me. I rationalized that my job requires a lot of time outside of the office and there are times when being able to take or make a call on the fly is terribly useful.

We broke down and signed up for a couples’ plan and got a pair of Sony Ericsson w810’s. We chose this phone because it had a reasonable price, large tactile controls and a large colour screen. It has a so-so camera, can play music files of many kinds (sadly not iTunes DRMed), and sports an FM radio. I’m happy to say that the calendar and address book functions synchronize with the Mac very well, the only glitch being that address cards marked as ‘business’ synch the number but not the name. You can overcome that by synching those cards one at a time. It’s fine as long as you don’t have too many of them to do.

Oh, and it plays games too. Not that that matters (yeah, right!).

I had been coveting both the Sony Ericsson k790 and the upcoming iPhone, but decided that they were both too expensive. In three years time, the features I’m lacking – the better camera and the iTunes integration – will be both cheaper and more refined, making the wait worthwhile, right?

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Written by Curt

March 18, 2007 at 1:29 pm

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