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“Jesus was a techie”

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Brother Guy Consolmagno, SJ, sounds like an interesting guy and I certainly think he’s on to something. He’s threatening to write a book about it too.

Vatican Astronomer: ‘Big Science’ and ‘Big Religion’ at Peace:

He considers himself a member of the scientific class he calls “techies.” Techies, and how they practice religion, have consumed his thinking for almost two years, and he is in the process of writing a book about scientists and engineers and their religious beliefs.

Techies, he told the audience, see the world in terms of processes to be understood, jobs to be done and problems to be solved. Their orientation toward the world is pragmatic, logical and functional, and the common assumption is that most of them are atheists. “And no doubt about it, some of us are,” he said. “But, equally, a lot of us are not. There are an awful lot of scientists and engineers who also happen to be church-goers. And even the non-church attending among them are living in a culture that is saturated with religion and they are fascinated by it.”

However, there is a “serious misfit,” he said, between the typical techie and the typical church. American churches simply haven’t done much to understand techies and reach out to them in ways that would be meaningful.

Scientists and engineers don’t necessarily lack faith, he said, instead, they appear to be searching for a “comprehensive set of rules to live by,” which provides an opportunity for organized religion. Organized religion provides a template, just like the worked-out problems in a physics book, he said, against which techies can compare their spiritual experiences with those that are certified to have been experiences of the transcendent.

More on Consolmago’s story here.

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Written by Curt

January 29, 2007 at 9:49 pm

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