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Small is still beautiful

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E.F. Schumacher – Small is Still Beautiful: A Godspy Interview with Joseph Pearce by Angelo Matera:

Yes, [economic libertarians] don’t take into account that economics is a servant not a master. Now, in terms of Marxism, things have not evolved as Marx predicted they would, so that kind of economic determinism has lost all credibility, except for a crackpot few. But with economic libertarianism, the issue there is we need to examine their assumptions: First, the free market doesn’t really exist, for a number of reasons. People are always interfering with the market, advertising distorts the market, the size of economic activity distorts the market, government policy distorts the market, government subsidy distorts the market, free trade, protectionism distorts the market; the free market as a theory is actually a fallacy in the sense that there are market forces but they’re never free, they’re always being manipulated by somebody, whether its government or big business, so the issue is how do we interfere with the market, what actually do we want the market to be doing, how should it be manipulated for the common good. I know that libertarians, when they hear the phrase ‘the common good’, they think you’re a communist. But of course, the whole Catholic concept of subsidarity is that both economic and politics should be done on a human scale; it’s not only about small businesses but also about small government, that we want the de-volution of power away from big central government back to regional government; we want laws that do not encroach upon the rights of the family, so this is very, very different than a state-run society.

The focus is on the human person…

Yes, for the dignity of the human person. It’s about recognizing that the human person has dignity and that economics and politics should serve that dignity and the person should not be subjected to forces which are contrary to human dignity.

Yet another book finds its way onto my list. Heck, I’m only neglecting four books at the moment. What’s one more?

(Via Crunchy Con.)

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Written by Curt

January 20, 2007 at 11:18 am

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