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Ten propositions on worship

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Pontifications was recently revealed as the number two theology blog at Technorati by Theology Blogs. The most linked to site was one I hadn’t seen before, Benjamin Myers’ Faith and Theology. After a very quick look, I have to say I like it.

This post, by guest blogger Kim Fabricius, had something to do with that. Here’s a tatste of the post, titled Ten propositions on worship:

1. Why worship God? Because God is to be worshipped. Worship is a holy tautology.2. Does worship make God present? No, worship presupposes God’s presence. But God’s presence is unlike any other. “God does not exist,” said Kierkegaard, “he is eternal.” Compared to all existents, God’s presence is an absence. The Holy of Holies is empty. If worship is fundamentally eucharist, you could say that it is “thanks for nothing”. Without this apophatic point of departure, worship inevitably becomes idolatrous.

3. Is worship necessary? Not for God it isn’t. God does not need our worship – because God is worship, the perichoretic adoration of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Worship is, however, necessary for us, for it is only as homo adorans, participating in the very life of the Holy Trinity, that we become truly human. As the psychologist says in Peter Shaffer’s play Equus, “If you don’t worship, you’ll shrink.”

4. Does worship please God? The question’s assumption is right: God is the audience of worship, not the congregation (though you wouldn’t know it from many an act of worship). But whether or not the audience approves depends. Worship pleases God when we wash our hands before we raise and fold them, that is, when our praise begins in penitence – and then issues in the politics of peace. Then we are all reading from the same hymn sheet. Otherwise see Amos 5:21-24.

5. How should worship begin? But worship never begins, or, rather, it has always already begun. You could say that we are always late for worship, because we always enter worship in medias res, the praise unceasing of the communio sanctorum. Never forget that when there are only three old ladies and a dog in the pews.

(Via Faith and Theology.)

If you want the other five propositions, you’ll have to see the post.

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Written by Curt

January 8, 2007 at 9:37 pm

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