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My problem with New Years

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Could YouTube be the killer-app for Apple’s iTV? In fact when Apple released the Mac Mini, along with Front Row, many customers (including myself) bought the device to connect to a television and use as a basic internet-enabled media center. And whilst Front Row’s simple UI, zero-config networking, and integration with iTunes, makes it a joy to use – the software is seriously lacking when it comes to pulling in content directly from the internet. Anybody who has used Front Row to watch movie trailers streamed directly from Apple’s website, will have wondered why they can’t access other internet-based content in a similar way. For starters, think Flickr for photos, and of course YouTube for video. In fact why not embrace all that the internet can offer, and open up Front Row (or whatever software ends up driving the iTV) to third party developers. If this were to happen, I’d bet it would only take a matter of months before we’d see plug-ins released which pull down content from the most popular web services.

I really hope Apple follows this suggestion. I’m firmly in the camp of those eagerly looking forward to Macworld in January in the hope that the iTV device will be the link between my living room and the internet. (Maybe that iPhone thingie too.)

My problem with New Years? I have no use for forced maudelin nostalgia. I’m much happier looking forward. It’s not that remembering is bad or something I won’t admit to. It’s just that memories – and nostalgia especially – are private and not so easily shared.

Of course for some people New Years is just another party, a time when it’s acceptable to be loud and obnoxious. I plan to stay away from them as well.

You see the problem now…


Written by Curt

December 31, 2006 at 11:51 am

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