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A sense of humour

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I loved this little moment from Benedict’s visit to Turkey, which began today:

And for one brief moment, the pope even showed his sense of humor. “I would like to recite a few sentences from Pope Gregorius VII from the year 1076, which he directs at a Muslim prince from North Africa…,” he began, and everyone trembled at the thought of a new blunder, another misunderstood Koran-exegesis. Benedict XVI though seemed to enjoy the moment. He continued: “Gregorius VII spoke of the special love (‘caritas’) that Christians and Muslims owe each other, for ‘we both believe in and attest to the one God, if in different ways, every day we praise Him and revere Him as the creator of the centuries and ruler of this world.'”

Of course, I have to add that there was no mistake at Regensburg.


Written by Curt

November 28, 2006 at 9:35 pm

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