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Happy thanksgiving to all the Canadians out there. Here are some links to mull over after you’ve loosened your belt and need a moment.

Saying “no” to free money is in your interest – if the amount given is “unfair.” How’s that? Classic models of what is rational tend to view each transaction in temporal isolation. Once the element of time – ie. repeated incidents – is allowed, previously irrational acts begin to make sense. We all have place in a social network that we have to maintain.

Maybe that is what is going on in the minds of our Federal Liberals. Then again, maybe they’ve forgotten both how to be a good opposition party, in addition to forgetting how to govern.

From Rod “crunchy con” Dreher’s blog, I found this column written by someone using the by line “Bible Girl.” Pick a post, any post, and I’m sure you’ll learn something, no matter what your point of origin.

Like books? Want to save space in your home and money in your pocket? BookMooch might be just the thing. If this isn’t cheap enough, how about getting novels serialized in your e-mail inbox?

Spooky. That’s what this story from the BBC is. They track how a virtual Windows XP machine fares on the Internet – in it’s default, unprotected state. It isn’t pretty.

Some people are of the opinion that Microsoft’s new version of Windows – Vista – will fix all the problems, or most of them. Some other people think you can be hamfisted no matter which hand you use. Wired looks at what a post – Bill MS might be like.

My solution has been to run OS X, which is working very well for me. Speaking of Apple, they have released three new ads on their web site, and they are all very good, including the one with Gisele. It seems that Google is going to take the Mac more seriously in the future too.


Written by Curt

October 9, 2006 at 4:17 pm

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