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Reaction to the Pope at Regensburg

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Some of the reaction to the Pope’s speech at Regensburd is really annoying me. He says that violence has no place in religion and attempts dialogue on this point by saying the obvious – that peaceful religion has to be tied to reason, and a violent one opposed to it. When this leads to violence and death from those opposed to dialogue, there is no shortage of people rushing to say that, darn it, that Pope needs to get down and grovel. As if he had shot a nun working to help the poor Ethiopia.

No. The Pope had it right and if he is putting a muffler on the point it is not because he is wrong, or scared, but because he really and truly wants to avoid giving any more madmen a pretext, no mtter how flimsy, for more deaths. He’s placing such a high value on carrying the faith into the world, that he is (if we recal Isaiah) presenting his “beard for plucking” by fools.

I came across two journalists who got this story right. David Warren gets it, as usual, and Spengler positively nails it. His coulmn here is fantastic, if you have the time for a bit of theology.


Written by Curt

September 20, 2006 at 4:07 pm

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