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I am nerdier than 25% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

“Not nerdy but definitely not hip”

That sounds about right, even if the test is biased towards awarding nerdy status to those with a scientific background. I think nerdiness could probably be expanded to include any excessive fixation on esoteric ephemera. Such as using a ten dollar word when a nickel would do. I suspect that most nerdiness I display is a result of three things. One) when I develop an interest in something I often pursue it vigorously and to people who don’t know me, it might appear that I’m obsessed. When my thirst is slaked, however, I do move on. Two) I have little or no use for trends and people who follow them. That, combined with #1, should send my nerdiness spiking, but I think I’m saved by a pursuit of things that are well done. In other words, I don’t give a hoot about if a bit of clothing or music is “in”, but I will enjoy it if I think it is skillful or beautiful. Three) I have been told that I am very organized. I used to think everyone claimed beauty over trendiness but I’ve noticed in recent years that “following trends” has become a cool thing for some people, as if it were a skill or something. I suppose that it is – but more importantly, choosing to not follow a trend demonstrates something greater – character.

By the way, thumbs up or down on the new template? I think this is easier to read, especially where quotes are concerned, and the wider scaling main column is a nice plus.


Written by Curt

September 9, 2006 at 11:24 am

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