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This is cool – if you’re a bibliophile and I’m pretty sure I qualify. The weather is also notably cooler today than it has been for quite a while. That fall thing is getting geared up. Less cool is is the difficulty I am having in getting my new blogging home recognized at the Blogging Tories portal. I know it’s a voluntary effort and I know they probably get a lot of e-mail about the site. Nevertheless, it is frustrating.

If anyone is interested in the Catholics and evolution issue I think this will be an interesting read (although I confess I have not had time to read it through).

I also want to recommend HBO’s Rome miniseries to anyone with an interest in history. I’m halfway through season one and enjoying this HBO/BBC production a lot. There is a second season that will air beginning in January 2007 and rumours that there might not be a season three – which I hope are proved wrong. Season one has been dealing with Julius Ceasar’s march from Gaul to Rome. It will probably end with his murder. Season two, therefore, would likely deal with Ceasar’s successor and nephew Augustus and his rivalry with Marc Anthony and Cleopatra. The HBO website, btw, is a pretty good one, worth a quick drop in. The last time HBO and BBC teamed up, the result was Band of Brothers, which was fabulous. This one is almost as good.

Written by Curt

September 9, 2006 at 9:47 am

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