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I’ve been enjoying my 30GB iPod a great deal since I got it, for many reasons. Because it carries my entire library, shuffles are much less repetitive (and the shuffle feature seems to work better and more consistently than on the shuffle I was using previously). As a result, I am making better use of the music that I have; I haven’t bought anything in well over a month because there’s been no need.

Another reason there’s been no need, of course, is that there are lots of free podcasts to choose from. You can try and play podcasts on a shuffle but unless you want to press the ‘forward’ button until either it breaks or your thumb bleeds, you have remove all your music first. Now I can use menus to get right to what I want to hear. Some of the first podcasts I chose have been great, and some I’ve given up on.

Winners during the first round have included:

  • Mac Cast, by Mac geeks, for Mac geeks. This is great for anyone, especially if they are new to Macs.
  • David Pogue’s technology columns for the NYT are available as podcast read by the author. Good stuff.

New podcasts I’m trying out include:

I think these all look promising, but I am on the look for two other subjects and haven’t yet got very far in getting results. I would like to find a podcast that discusses Canadian politics, something like Mike Duffy’s show, or Don Newman’s. I would also like to find something that deals with Catholic apologetics, Christian theology or something along those lines. I’ve looked at stuff from Mark Shea and Father Roderick, and found both to be too fluffy and mass market for my tastes. A Pontifications podcast would be ideal. Or Get Religion.

I should mention that a podcast of thirty to fourty minutes is ideal for me, because that is the length of my commute.

I can’t watch video podcasts while I drive, but I do see them at home. I enjoy one that gives me movie trailers and I’m looking over one that gives stand up comedy from Comedy Central.

What about it, dear readers? Any suggestions to fill the gaps mentioned? I’ll check out Podcast Alley and see what I can turn up there.


Written by Curt

August 10, 2006 at 5:57 pm

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2 Responses

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  1. Suggestions:

    The BBC’s In Our Time and

    the marialectrix blog and podcasts.

    Hope the HTML comes through when I submit this comment.


    August 10, 2006 at 9:11 pm

  2. If you see an In Our Tiem past show which you’d like in mp3 format, leave a comment on my blog requesting it. I keep them, but the Beeb only makes the mp3 files available for seven days following each show. I’ll either email you the file or make it available for download to you on my site.


    August 12, 2006 at 9:45 am

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