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Spengler comes through with a colunmn on the anniversary of Freud’s birthday that’s definitely worth mulling over:

Having cured society of repression by making sexual pleasure a commodity, enlightened opinion is shocked, shocked to discover an epidemic of depression. In consequence some 70 million Americans have taken anti-depressants. Psychotropic drugs, I hasten to add, work miracles for many who suffer from imbalances of brain chemistry, and I mean no criticism of psychopharmacology in general. But the vast numbers involved suggest that a spiritual ailment is epidemic for which anti-depressants cannot be the solution.

Human beings are not beasts content with daily fodder and rutting in season. To be sentient is to be sentient of one’s mortality. The status of wife and mother in a family within a community offers women an honored position and a link to the eternal. Sexual objectification leaves women with a foretaste of death, and it should be no surprise that Freud’s program drives women into deadly behavior.

It will take long and painful efforts to repair the damage, but putting a stake through the old reprobate’s heart is not a bad way to begin.

I don’t like the old coot either – meaning Freud, of course. Spengler I like just fine. The Left will say that I’m trying to force everyone into the same box, but that’s not the case at all. It makes their job easier to paint me into that box, but that’s about all it does. Of course not everyone wants to have a family. Some occupations and vocations are ill suited to it and make no mistake we need people to fill those roles. What I am saying is that more people want a happy home than can admit it publicly, and that’s a situation that might be connected to depression, as Spengler contends. For most of us, a job will only be a job. Fulfillment – that comes from a safe place in a social web with ties to a future and a past. When you live in the moment, nothing ever blooms, because nothing is planted and tended.


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May 21, 2006 at 6:01 pm

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