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Blog anniversary

Today is North Western Winds’ one year anniversary. It’s been a lot of work and a lot of fun. I’ve exchanged ideas with some interesting people and learned a lot about both blogging and philosophy.

A look back in stats:

  • Depending on which counter service I check with, my unique visitors number about 28,000 or a lot more.
  • Daily visits are close to 150 a day.
  • 677 posts
  • The TTLB has NWW at 381 unique links, and #249 overall. A “Large Mammal.”
  • The Blogging Tories TTLB puts NWW at number 11, by links within the community.
  • Canada wide TTLB puts NWW at 14, by links within the community.

I think the blog is working out pretty well. I’m learning, I’m sharing, and it’s fun.

That said, I feel a need for another break. I took a two week break once before – I think it was in the spring. In any case, I think it did me some good because I came back and did what I think are some good posts. They got some links and sparked some debate. Maybe I’ll use some of the down time to look over the past year (I said what??!) and compile a ‘top ten’ list of posts I’m still pleased with.

Speaking of happy posts, do any other bloggers out there spike their own posts? I do from time to time, when I just can’t bring it around so that I’m happy with it. I don’t do it a lot, but once and a while I feel like I’m not meeting my own standards. Just wondering…

Finally, I before I head to the back yard and prop myself up with a cold one, I have one dangling intention that I have not kept (yet). Ashton – I still have your emails and intend to take up your thoughtful commentary.


Written by Curt

August 25, 2005 at 6:20 pm

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