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Fractals are really cool.

“The vast mass of humanity, with their vast mass of idle books and idle words, have never doubted and never will doubt that courage is splendid, that fidelity is noble, that distressed ladies should be rescued, and vanquished enemies spared. There are a large number of cultivated persons who doubt these maxims of daily life, just there are a large number of persons who believe they are the Prince of Wales; and I am told that both classes of people are entertaining conversationalists.”

Another gem from G.K. Chesterton, taken from

A while back I got an e-mail telling me about a new kit for teachers wanting to use CS Lewis’ Narnia stories in the clasroom. Then I went on a short break. Here it is. Let’s hope lots of them take advantage of it.

Speaking of books, Human Events has published a list of the most harmful books of the modern age. It’s a pretty good list; I’m glad to see Kinsey made the list, and pretty high too.

What is a Conservative? The Maverick Philospher quotes Richard Weaver and vindicates this post.

Which blog is not like most of the others? How about this one?

Here’s a look at the Koran abuse in Gitmo story that’s not like the others.

French Priest attacked at Notre-Dame Cathedral by gays rights activists. Coming soon to Canada?

The Curt Jester has me nodding in agreement in this short post about Church music and architechture. I was pleased to hear about the restoration of this old Anglican church in Atlantic Canada today.

Is it Art or is it crap? I think everything shown here is crap…

Here’s a pro life story with a happy end. Wonder of wonders, here’s another.

I read somewhere that philosopher Paul Ricoeur passed away recently. I’m not very familiar with him or his work, but he sounds like someone who had interesting and thoughtful things to say.

My inner nerd is looking forward to this. I’ve been playing it since version 1.0.


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June 12, 2005 at 5:04 pm

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