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Turncoat Barbie

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It’s not my creation but I’m happy to link to… Turncoat Barbie. Maybe I’m not quite finished throwing paint at a backstabbing ******* just yet. Oh, and those ‘hypocrite’ charges? Everything I’ve said about Barbie is nothing I haven’t quietly kept to myself since about… day one of her leadership campaign. Tell me you’ve never overlooked faults in someone who professes to be a friend. Yeah, I thought so. I had a big laugh over a headline in The Vancouver Sun today (it’s a rag but it’s also the biggest paper in the city). Did you know that being critical of the way Barbie handled this affair – the sex part, anyway- makes you a “knuckledragging” so and so? Gaia and ‘those who speak for women’ have spoken. Orthodoxy is just so… like inefficient and yesterday, man. The most shocking thing is that, apparently, all of the women I spoke to and quoted the other day… they’re not women.

This reminds me of the whole Condi Rice and Margaret Thatcher ‘are not women’ schtick. It was schtoopid then and it’s schtoopid now. Stop it, please, you are giving ammo to people who really do have sexist and misogynistic views. You don’t get a free pass to act like backstabbing doofus just because you are a woman. What about the women Stronach and Martin have trampled on? Let me guess… not women either, right? If the Liberal women’s caucus wasn’t just as power mad as the rest of the party, they might realize that having Barbie on board is not a good thing for the party, and certainly not a good thing for a woman who wants to be understood as someone with something to say regardless of what her shoes look like.


Written by Curt

May 20, 2005 at 3:26 pm

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