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It seems I’m not the only one who thinks Paul Martin’s reign has been more than disappointing thus far. You can read some of the Libs squawk about it here.

The New Sisyphus shares a story that explains why I never want to see Al Jezeera on Canadian cable. He also has a nice words for “Red Ensign Canadians” but seems unaware of the Red Ensign brigade. Tip: Little Green Footballs

Microsoft has decided to ship IE 7 ahead of the next version of Windows, with a beta available this summer.

WSJ’s Peggy Noonan on Blogging. Also, there’s a pretty nice religion blog in Wittingshire.

There is a sad story out of Kansas this week. It involves a certain infamous late term abortion doctor. It seems he’s had at least one -and possibly two – women die on him in five weeks. This is the same doctor that Quebec women were being sent to because Canadian doctors were refusing to do the operation that late. I’m not sure if that practice is still ongoing. Anyone know if our ER’s are still overflowing because our tax dollars are supporting this? Here are suggestions for advancing pro life arguments.

David Frum on the problems of the academy:

America suffers from a dangerous separation of its mind and soul. Its elite intellectual institutions are too often hostile to the country’s culture and founding values. As the Journal reporters mention, Harvard continues to ban ROTC from campus for fear of offending the university’s militant gay lobby; as Samuel Huntington details in his important book, Who We Are, elite institutions like Harvard regard themselves as multinational, multicultural enterprises independent of the nation and the people that created, sustain, and defend them.

This separation serves nobody. It makes places like Harvard effete and irrelevant. I had lunch a little while ago with a representative of another prestigious school. “We see it as our mission,” he told me, “to train leaders.” But how can you do that, I asked, when you are instilling your leaders with an ideology that is despised and mistrusted by their potential followers?


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February 18, 2005 at 5:50 pm

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