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Scattershot Glass offers some thoughts on the modern / post modern problem with ethics, namely that modern ethics are tugged towards utility. Through this we breed monsters by denying that monsters exist. The denial leaves us helpless.

The Conservative Philosopher is moving. Here is the new home.

From Occam’s Carbuncle, word that a partial birth abortion ban might make it to the floor of the Canadian Conservative Party policy convention. This is a very small step – it might not pass, after all – but it is something to support. The really good news is that Occam and Jason Hays are both libertarians and both of them are willing to support it. Natural Law libertarians are natural allies for pro life people and their support helps to take the sting out of the accusation that to be pro life is to be some sort of weird Christian, or heaven forbid, a Catholic.

Finally, from Dust My Broom, a tip to a great editorial my Michael Coren. I fully expect the left Canadian blogosphere to jump all over this as evidence that “right whingers hate Canada.” It seems they have difficulty distinguishing Canada from a type of government – socialism. It also seems they can’t tell the difference between indifference and love, or between criticism and hate. Unless they’re just playing rhetorical games with us. That’s not possible is it? Let’s not bring Ward Churchill or Susan Sontag into this. It’s one thing to criticize a system and quite another to celebrate the deaths neighbors with which we disagree. Michael Coren and the Canadian right are not calling for the left to be lynched. Reform and revolution are not that hard to keep distinct. Unless we’re into the sort of hyperbolic rhetoric that signals the debate is over.


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February 12, 2005 at 12:46 pm

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