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Exploiting the Obessively PC

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Is this where we are going in Canada, or are we already there? Do we have designated groups who we cannot offend under any circumstances, not even the findings of social science? Do we have people who don’t understand the difference between “some” and “all”? Perhaps.

Perhaps for others pretending there is no difference between “some” and “all” is a ploy to exploit PC scrupulosity…? To make sense of the link, substitute “PC ideas” for “religious ideas” when reading the question and the answer; a definition of scrupulosity is here. The university and the student, as I see it, are being uncharitable. The accusation that “some” and “all” are mere fudgewords is plainly unfounded and very likely politically motivated.

One the reasons I think I find Paul Martin so distasteful is that I think he suffers badly from the same disorder and this is a gaping weakness in a leader, one that is easily exploited. Conservative strategists would do well to expose it.

Better read this while you still can. Hilarious and true, not that that’s any kind of excuse, mind you.


Written by Curt

February 7, 2005 at 7:45 pm

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