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Blogger Russ Kuykendall at Burkean Canuck has an interesting post up about Church and State, and it’s very relevant given that parliament will examine SSM beginning this week, and that rockin’ dude Peierre Pettigrew (the little sychophant) told Catholics to bug off since they have no right to even speak to the issue.

One commenter on the post chillingly hints at where we are going: “we appear to be going back to a Roman concept of the state, where it becomes the arbiter for all things, and to cross its “Canadian values” is an act of immorality.”

I have no doubt that there are people in the Federal Liberal party who are that daft (and some who are not). I still have faith in my fellow Canadians, however. We still value dissent, don’t we?

I also want to point out how clever Paul Martin has been. He had told his party that they will be allowed a free vote on the issue – unless they are in cabinet, in which case they must support it. Basically, he’s telling the rest of the party that if they ever want to have a hope of being in cabinet in the future, they’ll know how to vote.

I’m not falling for it. “Free vote” my posterior.


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January 31, 2005 at 7:57 pm

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