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They are not Monsters

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Engaging the Culture of Death

“They are not moral monsters. They are not Nazis or hatemongers. They are our colleagues and very often our friends. Many of them are doing their level best to think through the moral issues at the heart of our cultural struggle and arrive at conclusions that are right and just. They view themselves as partisans of a culture of freedom. In most cases, they carefully and honestly argue for those choices for death (as Dworkin himself calls them) whose moral worthiness they proclaim and whose legal permission and constitutional protection they defend. As a matter of reciprocity, it is, in my view, incumbent upon us, as their opponents, to engage them in debate, to answer their arguments, and to say why they are wrong. While we must oppose them with resolution and, indeed, determination to win, we cannot content ourselves merely to denounce them, as we would rightly denounce the moral monsters who created a different culture of death on the European continent in the 1930s and ’40s.”

Robert P. George, The Clash of Orthodoxies

I have this book, and have read and enjoyed it. It is very worthwhile to remember not to demonize those who are not pro life. It’s hard enough trying to get through to them as it is. Another layer of division will not help.

Tip: Vincent at What a Mystery!


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January 30, 2005 at 11:20 pm

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