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Blindness in the PMO

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Vomit the Lukewarm has a short but very observant post up about people who simply cannot fathom or will not acknowledge that human irrationality exists.

I personally would add that such people are also very often blind to non rational knowledge. I don’t think the world is an irrational place – I just think that humans don’t have the mHz, the RAM, or the operating system to get the job done at that high a level. What we do is muddle through as best we can.

Both errors stem from not fully taking in the implications of other people’s freedom. People who think like this really do think that they can control other people through the way they themselves act. It is a form of narcissism.

Vomit writes:

Men who are blind in this way will defend their belief as a trust in the dignity an equality of human persons. In truth, however, whenever the blindness is not due simply to ignorance (as might be found in ivory-tower academics who never deal with lazy or willful students, children, criminals, etc.) it is usually due to sloth or vanity- i.e. a desire to be liked at all costs.

I think we have just such a man in the PMO right now. I loathe people who want to be liked at all costs – they are sycophants, and not at all fit to lead. I was no Chretien fan, but whatever his many flaws, they did not hinder his leadership to such a degree. I prefer the company of men and women who will engage debate rigorously and respectfully.

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January 28, 2005 at 11:37 pm

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