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Media Ethics

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Dissecting Leftism has a link up to a site called Brookes News, which makes a number of accusations about the MSM’s coverage of the Iraq, such as

I’m not familiar with Brookes, but these stories seem plausible to me. I think media coverage of Iraq has been horrid from the get go, with everything seen through the prism of Vietnam and “imperialism” and ooooiill.

I also think playing video tape of hostages pleading for their lives is reprehensible. While watching the NFL playoffs on the weekend, there was a moment when a fan raced out onto the field. The camera moved off of him almost immediately. This is done to thwart the “fame” such people seek. I have to wonder why, if a sports cast crew can get it right, why can’t the western MSM? I’m not saying don’t report it, I’m saying try to do so in a way that your are not a pawn for one side.

But then in the media today one finds a lot of “stories” that sound suspiciously like press releases simply edited for word count.

See also here.


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January 25, 2005 at 8:50 pm

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