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A "Non Issue"

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Q: “Have you ever in your career had a surgical abortion where the whole fetus came out without collapsing its skull?”
A: “Yes, it has happened five to ten times, during the gestational age of sixteen to twenty-four weeks.”
Q: “If a woman was seeking an abortion, would it be a concern that the intact fetus could live?”
A: “Yes, especially if the fetus was the gestational age of twenty to twenty-four weeks.”

The abortionist’s testimony indicated that although the Plaintiffs continue to claim that there are health benefits from removing an intact fetus, and that a more dilated cervix is safer than a less dilated cervix, the abortionists intentionally reduce dilation in order to ensure that the fetal head does not come out, because then they would have a live birth instead of a termination.

This is testimony from the partial birth abortion ban trial in the U.S. right now. Another article describing abortion procedures is here:

“[the doctor] introduces a small rod with an abrasive ring at the end. The ring isn’t sharp, but the scraping hurts a lot of women and they cry or scream.

“When the baby is less than three months, the baby disintegrates completely. When the doctor feels that the baby has been dislodged completely, he introduces something similar to a straw. The exterior opening of the straw connects to a vacuum. Then he vacuums up everything that has broken apart. All that he vacuums goes into a jar. You see blood, and bits and pieces of tissue that look like chopped meat. It all comes out in pieces.”

Those are the words of the assisting nurse. If you think that’s bad, read the article yourself and see what happens to more mature infants.

Remember how the sky crashed down on the Conservatives in the last election for merely suggesting that counseling prior to scheduling the event might be useful.

Remember that in Canada we have absolutely no laws restricting abortion. Remember how proud some people are about that. Is that enlightened? Progressive? Humane?

Remember that it was Liberal appointed judges that brought us to this point.

Remember, according to the MSM, this is a non issue. You’re a blogger or a blog reader: you have the ability to find out for yourself. Are they right?

You don’t have to settle for the party line, the MSM line, your parent’s line. How can an infant be the one thing or another, depending on what the mother thinks? How is it that this queer status evaporates when it is born, even though it is viable before that? Why is it that there is nothing else in the universe that has such malleable and arbitrary properties? Why are we so confident that we will not be tempted to turn a similar eye to other things (or people) that get in our way?

Are we Enlightened simply because we are Westerners? Or because we act in a certain way? One answer is chauvinistic, bigoted and arrogant. Which one is it?

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January 15, 2005 at 12:31 am

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