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I’m happy to say that there is no shortage of things to write about or people to debate with. I have been fighting off a strange cold since last Thursday and am happy to say that I seem to be well on the way out of it now. While I was under its spell I had my energy sapped, but the stranger thing is that my mind was a bit out of focus, like a camera in which someone has smeared vaseline around the edges of the lens. Uck.

I made do with a bit from Lewis’ Screwtape Letters, and I managed to get out one post that I’d been wanting to get off my chest for a long time – that was the one about The Prisoner’s Dilemma as the common wisdom in some circles and it’s iterated version as the more real model, and how that better model ties into traditional Christian views quite well.

I now have, however, a number of things I’d like to attend to:

  • Timmy the G has asked me about David Horowitz. As in, how can I stand him?
  • Andrew has posted about the syllogism I posed from The Maverick Philosopher
  • Damian at Babbling Brooks seemed to like the second Screwtape post and raises the issue of how the “fire and brimstone” of Hell is reconciled with a benevolent God.
  • The abortion debate has popped up around here in a number of ways recently. I want to touch on that without becoming a one note drone.

Besides that, I have some other things I’d like to post as well. Oh, and my books arrived from Amazon yesterday. In short, I have set out a full plate for myself. I also wanted to mention that I have received a a couple of e-mails this past week which were very kind. Thanks for the encouragement! There are also a lot of new blogs on the blogroll that I added without mention; I probably won’t get into the habit of announcing each change to the blogroll but there is some good new stuff there. I will try to deal with all of the above as time permits.


Written by Curt

January 11, 2005 at 3:51 pm

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