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Secular isn’t neutral

David Warren, excellent, as usual:

… even where, as in the United States, they still form a majority, Christians are the targets of molestation that becomes ever more serious if it is not resisted. It ranges from the petty campaigns to remove everything from Christmas crèches to Salvation Army bell-ringers from all public places by the “politically correct”, to the fact Canadian churches are already bracing for the removal of their charitable status, as the legal weapon most likely to be used to force them to “sanctify” “gay” “marriages”.

Italy, the figurative heart of Catholic Christendom, is where the action is, in the West this year. All across Italy, school and municipal authorities have been banning traditional Christmas displays from public property, on the grounds that they must be offensive to Muslims — even while prominent Italian Muslims repeatedly condemn their “excessive zeal”. As they and others have observed, it is the Italian left using the Muslim community as an excuse to advance its own anti-Christian agenda.

“Multiculturalism” is used in the same way here — as the cover for the ACLU and other doctrinaire organizations to assemble a “crusade” against Christians in particular.


Written by Curt

December 21, 2004 at 10:25 pm

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