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One of our newest Red Ensign bloggers has embarked on a small series of posts dealing exploring Libertarian Ethics. Tipperography has two of three intended posts up and I recommend them to everyone, especially those using the label Libertarian to describe themselves. Brenda is easy to read, so no excuses, jump right in.

I’m especially impressed with the second entry, where I got the title for this post. Quote:

Having fun is not about egoism. And being good is not about collectivism. Both concepts are to be shunned. Having fun and being good are about altruistic individualism.

A few years ago I came up with a political slogan. A non-starter if ever there was one, but something that was nifty for me nonetheless:
Less government. More caring.

Post one is here and number two is here.

Tipper’s stance is quite different from what Jay Currie has been posting. Jay stopped by yesterday but he didn’t explain how needy, fragmented families resulting from weak, customized “marriage” contracts fit into his vision of a freer society with less government. Such families will feel they need government help and they’ll vote that way. How about it? He also didn’t think women’s sacrifice in raising children entitled them to perpetual support, despite the perpetual damage their sacrifice may have had on their earning power. I’d like to hear it from the women out there on this one, especially women who call themselves Libertarian.


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December 16, 2004 at 4:20 pm

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