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Generations of Valour

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Nothing good comes easy

Bumf Online lead me to this touching picture from Veterans Day in the U.S.

Here’s three essays on why the sacrifice is worth it.

The Chaldean archbishop of Kirkuk says:

“We have a government now that is setting up elections, and those who want to run for government can do so, freely,” he explained.

The archbishop said that the “war being fought by the terrorists is senseless.” If they want an “open, modern and democratic Iraq” they “can register to vote, negotiate with the new government, and use the instruments of dialogue,” he stressed.

Convinced that the elections in January “will be a starting point for a new Iraq,” the prelate observed that instead “Western newspapers and broadcasters are simply peddling propaganda and misinformation.”

“Iraqis are happy to be having elections and are looking forward to them because they will be useful for national unity,” he said. “Perhaps not everything will go exactly to plan, but, with time, things will improve. Finally Iraqis will be given the chance to choose.

“Why is there so much noise and debate coming out from the West when before, under Saddam, there were no free elections, but no one said a thing?”

Indeed, why is that? Maybe it has to do with MSM press pu**ies who only view totalitarian societies either from afar or from government granted hotel rooms and guides. Then again, maybe it’s just gremlins in Windows XP changing the copy that gets sent in.

David Warren continues to make me think we are tuning the same frequency:

There was no excuse for anyone to flatter or appease this monster, in life or in death. His narcissism and corruption were his most attractive qualities. He left bloodlakes behind him when he was taken in and sheltered in Amman, and Beirut. His Black September pioneered the modern arts of aircraft hijacking, and hostage butchery. The Intifadas he launched ended or destroyed the lives of countless innocents, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim alike.

The hushed tones of respect — whether from the CBC and affiliates, or from Kofi Annan, Nelson Mandela, Jimmy Carter, Jacques Chirac — is indicative of a posturing moral attitude that stinks to heaven.

It should be said that the person who spits at the mention of George W. Bush, but weeps for Arafat, is beyond twitting. Such a person is sick in the head. He represents a form of judgement so totally inverted as to be indistinguishable from madness. And yet among our intellectuals, this inversion is commonplace.

If the West had any guts, Arafat would have been dead long ago. Peace prize my hairy behind.

Finally, some thoughts on the enemy’s methods and what they mean for us. Eternity Road writes a mean blog.

Our domestic forces of political correctness will continue to deny that the sauce served over the American goose ought to be poured liberally over the Islamic gander. It will not matter. The meaning of the Islamic insurgents’ communication to us is indisputable. The cybernetics of the thing are plain as print. Every American soldier in Iraq now knows that there are no standards on the battlefields of the Middle East—that mercy or forbearance shown to a seemingly disabled enemy puts his own life, and the life of his squadmates, at terrible risk. But then, given the innumerable atrocities committed throughout the world by Muslim madmen determined to impose shari’a and a new Caliphate willy-nilly upon the world, we had ample reason to suspect that from long, long ago.

I think this is correct, even though there is great danger of being dragged into the mud and allowing those so eager to cry ‘equivalence’ to score a point. We must remember that we accept these terms reluctantly, and that if we could, we would seek a higher standard. But war has always been something negotiated by two or more. It is simply not possible for one side to dictate 100% how the fighting will be done. I agree that seeking total surrender from the enemy is the only solution, and to minimize the loss of life, that end should be sought resolutely, so that they fighting can end quickly. You have no business being in a war you’d rather not fight. Posted by Hello


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November 21, 2004 at 8:37 pm

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