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I’m exhausted tonight because 1) the dog was barking like a lunatic three times duing the middle of Wednesday night (why do these things happen on the night before a day when I can sleep in? Those are so rare as it is…!) 2) I assembled a largish shelving unit yesterday, and 3) I slept little last night and had a busy day today.

So about the only thing I could blog about today is the blog itself. I re-vamaped the blogroll around here in a major way tonight. I finally wised up and inserted the Red Ensign Blog script. Maybe that way I will finally get around to visit more of them more often, especially the new folks.

Using the Red Ensign script has the added benefit of allowing me to separate my own bloglist from the Red Ensign group. If you were on my list, you are now only on the Red Ensign list. I didn’t see any reason to have double entries. And while my bloglist is called “favourites,” no one on the other two lists should feel slighted by that. If I didn’t like those groups, I wouldn’t have them on my page at all. (I used to have Google ads here but they were generating stuff that was a little too… funky for my tastes. Yes, we revel in the bland around here.)

I am also seeking reader input on how links should work. At the moment, my links are set with target=_blank, which forces a new window. With Firefox set to single window mode, that means my links open in new tabs, which is what I really want. But I’m curious to know if this is positive or negative for people other than myself. If it is, can I get my desired result in some other way? I’m not giving up Firefox, however.

Good night!


Written by Curt

November 12, 2004 at 9:40 pm

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