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From The Curt Jester, two good posts. Road Sign Catechism is good for a giggle. And a Jester reader points to a critical approach to the condoms in schools issue that hadn’t occurred to me before:

More people need to point out the foolishness of the condom programs by capitalizing on the contrast with anti-smoking programs. How about we start our own anti-smoking campaign?

-Pass out filtered, low nicotine cigarettes to kids: They’re Gonna Try It Anyway, So Give Them Some Protection!

Also worth a look is the Catholic Carnival, held at a good blog, Living Catholicism. Living Catholicism also has information about the traditions Halloween springs from and how we might keep them alive. The Carnival, btw, is a bit like the Red Ensign Roundup – posts collected from all over.


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October 27, 2004 at 5:55 pm

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