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A Double Standard

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Truth Claims

The Maverick Philosopher is a very wise man:

The point is that for a typical religious claim R and a typical political claim P, there is what I will call evidential parity: R and P are on a par with respect to the question of whether or not there is sufficient evidence for their truth. Therefore, either there is insufficient evidence for both R and P, or there is sufficient evidence for both R and P. What cannot be allowed as true is what van Inwagen calls the Difference Thesis, namely, that religious claims are different from non-religious claims in respect of their belief-worthiness. Accepting the Difference Thesis is just to employ a double standard. One sets religious beliefs a test they cannot possibly pass, all the while exempting our other beliefs from this exacting standard.

Also from the Maverick- a Stanford grad proves that HATE is alive and well on the campus and it gets a big soft pass from the media. Apparently in the snot world of big US Universities, advocating the killing people because they disagree with you is A-OK. I missed that memo.

It just goes to prove that a university degree proves nothing, no matter the “stature” of the school. Stanford boy’s argument is full of piss and more holes than ten pound block of swiss cheese. I can’t wait to see his book in the remainder bin at Zellers.


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October 11, 2004 at 7:57 pm

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