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A Kerry Vote means it gets worse

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David Warren writes:

If… a President Kerry were to take the Americans out of Iraq, mission unaccomplished as in Vietnam, we would see a storm-tide of Islamist triumphalism, and the belief would quickly spread through the Muslim world that an aggressive, Jihadist, politico-religious Islamism is the wave of the future.

The same, of course, would happen if a President Bush did that. But everything we know about the man suggests he wouldn’t.

The upcoming US election is important, even more so than usual. If there are better candidates than GW Bush – and there could be- they are not on the ballot. I hope the Americans will vote accodingly. If the vote took place in Canada, there would be very little to be hopeful about. Sad but true.


Written by Curt

October 10, 2004 at 11:30 am

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